WHY everything the Left told us about Lynching is wrong, as proved by the death of two sadhus in Palghar.

Lynching is a crime no one is comfortable about discussing. The brutality of it, the mob dynamics, and the weaknesses of the authorities at the face of such crimes are too complex and unsettling to ponder upon. So is the history, the propaganda, and the politics of mob Lynching.

The new Left, consisting of the modern woke liberals and activists, has used this heinous crime to expound one aspect of their propaganda: the brutality of the Indian society and state towards Muslims and Dalits. They reaped the benefit of the fact that mob lynching is a neglected yet widespread issue in the country and used it for furthering their propaganda.

Under the banner of Lynchistan, they have widely publicized and sensitized the lynching of innocent men who happened to be Muslims or Dalits. Akhlaq’s case, Junaid’s case, Una flogging case, etc. are such incidents we all know about as the “real” danger of living in India as a minority.

The reality, on the other hand, is that lynching is not a religious, political, or minority issue! A lot of scholars have been urging us to understand this widespread myth about the heinous crime. But, to fit a particular section’s propaganda, they used a very sensitive, dangerous act of brutality, painted it red, and distorted the entire narrative around it!

When sadhus were lynched.

Today the conscience of our country is shaken by the bloody, humble face of an innocent sadhu lynched by an angry unreasonable mob!

The cognitive dissonance this incident has brought about is so stark, most people have gone completely numb about it.

Wasn’t lynching the crime that belongs to the saffron wearing thugs? Wasn’t mob behavior the go-to political agenda of the BJP and the right-wing? How can it be that a Hindu sadhu is lynched by civilians?!

Beyond the popular narrative

The reality is, lynching and mob violence is a common thing in India, regardless of the cultural, linguistic, and regional differences.

In Kerala, the face of Madhu haunted us all for a few days, when he was beaten to death by a group alleging him of stealing.

Another case in Kerala, where a young man was abducted and killed by a mob in the name of dishonour killing.

Source: The New Indian Express

Akhlaq was an innocent man who was lynched for trading beef.

This is the video of a brave police officer rescuing a boy from being lynched allegedly for stealing.

Yesterday, when I saw Kalpvriksh Giri Maharaj’s bloody yet calm face, I asked myself, why am I seeing this? Why did this happen? How can someone kill a sadhu?

The answer is, he is no different from Akhlaq or Madhu or anyone else. We have been blaming each other for so long.

When a Muslim is lynched, a section of society goes berserk blaming their supposed opponents. When a Hindu is lynched, the blame game is simply reversed. When I was subscribing to the left narrative, this question came a lot from the Right, what about crimes against the Hindus? Now when I stand with these Sadhus’ ill fate, I witness the left staying comfortably numb, blinded by the logic that this is insignificant because it doesn’t fit their narrative!

But for once, all the dead are the victims of the same crime, now illustrated by these three lost lives. While many others died from very many political and religious backgrounds (including the ruling party and the majority community), the Left continuously chose to ignore the numbers and broadcast only that which suited their propaganda!

So, if you find yourself obliged to stay silent about the deaths of the sadhus or subscribe to Ms. Swara Bhasker’s logic that Hindus brought this upon themselves, you’re being brainwashed by the toxic Left.

Why does Lynching happen?

Lynching is a medieval act of power-play or fear-mongering, even an act of terrorism. It’s the result of one important reasoning: there is strength in numbers!

Otherwise powerless insignificant men and women when they come together they find the strength to do the unimaginable. So anyone in this country, if they want to make a statement, they gather around and cause trouble!!

Kill someone. Rape someone.

And when they go back, they find that they have the opportunity to be completely irresponsible for what they did. Because the mob did the crime. The community did the crime. The individual becomes insignificant again, their crimes unidentifiable. Or so they think.

The police, politicians, and media at large have a huge role to play in this. The majority of the police force is ineffective and corrupt in this country, this is a well-known secret! The police don’t have any capability of enforcing law and order in many parts of the nation, especially in rural areas. No other competent authorities have the power to influence the masses, due to corruption, miscommunication, and mistrust.

This sparks a lot of mob mentality in people, and when things go wrong, they have an impulse to take matters into their own hands.

I’m not saying politics doesn’t play a part in it. Most often, it’s by the backing of political leadership that these heinous crimes are perpetuated. But two things can’t be overlooked here: all parties resort to the benefit of mob mentality and two, if police and authorities were effective and non-corrupt, most of them could be averted.

Lynching and riots.

Let me recount two riots in this country everyone talks about.

Gorakhpur riot case, 2007:

This is the case that made Yogi Adityanath the ‘right-wing terrorist’ he is today. The charge against him was that he instigated a riot in Gorakhpur in 2007. But I urge you to see the full picture of that incident.

Read the full article here: http://www.milligazette.com/dailyupdate/2007/200701302_riots_gorakhpur_communal_politics.htm

Of course, you’ll find alternative narratives wherein they claim there was a fight between Hindus and Muslims or something like this,

“Next it was turn of Gorakhpur, U.P. where on the occasion of Muharram on 27th January (on 7th Muharram procession) there was stoning from some houses in Khotipura area. About a dozen persons were injured in stoning from both sides. The violent mob set fire to one Mazar (shrine) and one car. Curfew was imposed in three areas. Communal tension erupted after one person Agarhari was killed in firing by some unknown person.” -https://sunninews.wordpress.com/2008/01/16/2007-communal-riots/

Ironically, the vagueness and misinformation regarding the death of the youth are staggering! One simply cannot ascertain how he died, other than ask this question, how else would a young boy die in a clash if he wasn’t flogged or beaten up?

Muzzafarnagar riots, 2013

This well-known riot took the lives of 62 people and left thousands displaced. Let’s see how this began.

The information can be about it can be found here: http://indiafacts.org/the-real-truth-about-the-muzaffarnagar-riots-part-1/

The interesting thing about these riots is that they were called the right-wing’s fabrication for coming into power! These kinds of false interpretations harm the social fabric of this nation severely.

Though these are anecdotal pieces of evidence, it can be seen that the precursors of both these riots are crimes of lynching that police avoided and tried to suppress. It can be induced from these incidents, and many like this that lynching can and do turn into riots when police and authorities are slow to enforce the law.

Here’s the deal: if a mob attacks innocent individuals and kills them, use political power to avoid prosecution, what do the people in power of the other section do?

You can find the answer to this in a commercial movie. The Indian film industry has illustrated it over and over again!

After a violent act is committed by someone, imagine how the hero returns with a larger stronger mob and wreaks havoc on the “villain”. A larger stronger mob when attacks the other section and destroys their homes, it becomes a riot!

I wouldn’t be surprised if people attack the locals in Palghar district. A riot is brewing in the whole of Maharashtra in fact, under the corrupt, biased leadership in the state.

That is why it’s important to do the following things immediately in the case of Palghar mob lynching. Or any lynching for that matter.

One, don’t use the death of innocent people for political propaganda. Treat lives equally! Left doesn’t have to remain silent in this matter, we are all together in the fight against mob crimes.

Two, it is high time police did the right thing and arrest violators promptly, without letting common people take law and order into their own hands.

Third, the political and social power holders should understand that their egoistic corrupt misdemeanors cost previous lives. Like these sadhus, Muslims, Dalits, above all innocent humans.



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I’m Vijay Vidhu. Author of novel “Life In A Ziplock Bag”. Creating blogs and vlogs on everything I’m passionate about: Nature, Psychology, and Culture.